Battle.Net will be gaming's Facebook, hopes Blizzard

Hopefully without the drunken photos and poking

Blizzard's senior VP, Frank Pearce says he hopes the developer's proprietary online system, Battle.Net, will become gaming's equivalent of Facebook.

When asked where he sees Battle.Net heading in the coming years, Pearce replied: "For me, I think about the web 2.0 experience and all the people that are connecting with each other around the world on sites like Facebook, and I would like Blizzard's Battle.Net to be the equivalent in the gaming space.

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"But that's pretty ambitious," he goes on to admit to G4TV. "I would be very, very satisfied if Battle.Net was that just for Blizzard games and the Blizzard community. The Blizzard community is really what's most important to us, anyway," he added.

We hope it's not completely like Facebook; random people you barely remember sending you pointless virtual gifts, endless poking exchanges and tagged pictures of you puking into a bin after a heavy night out for your boss to see. Or is that just us?