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Jaffe drops more Twisted Metal hints

"Eight or nine months," says God of War creator

God of War creator, David Jaffe has dropped more hints that his combat racing series, Twisted Metal is headed to PS3.

While presenting an award at the AIAS Interactive Achievement Awards ceremony in the States last night, a heckler in the crowd yelled, "Twisted Metal!" To which Jaffe replied, "Soon, bitch. Eight or nine months." Polite young man, isn't he?

The info, if true, would put Twisted Metal PS3 on track for an October release.

It's not the first time a PS3 debut for the series has been hinted at, of course: back in 2008 players of PS2 entry, Twisted Metal: Head On managed to decipher a message that read, "Twisted Metal is on PSTHREE."

A proper reveal is surely only months away then. The only question is what form will Twisted Metal PS3 come in? Will it be a full game, or a WipEout-style PSN effort?