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Guitar Hero Van Halen

Casual fans need not apply...

There's been enough of these dedicated rhythym-action games to give devs an idea of what makes a good one. Here's our checklist: first, take a group with plenty of memorable hits that are fun to play on multiple plastic instruments.

Then add a selection of tunes by bands that have been influenced by said hits. Thirdly, stuff the remainder of the disk with audio/visual memorabilia that'll delight fans.

Yes, Van Halen arguably tick the first box - Jump has a great, erm, keyboard riff, and the solos are some of the most spectacular-sounding ever tapped out on a guitar.


But the bonus tracks? What the hell is Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind doing on there? And bonus materials? There's none to be seen. The shoddy character models don't even show off Guitar H's trademark polish.

It gets worse - you don't get to play out Van Halen's rise to fame - instead just plod through the tracks unlocking stars. Fans will squeeze out some fun but this is the laziest GH yet.

The verdict

PlayStation 3
Rhythm Action