CVG's weekly digest

All the best bits from the last seven days

Another Friday, another CVG weekly round-up. This is the best that the CVG network has had to offer over the past seven days: Bioshock 2, Call of Duty 7 and, yes, the everlasting world of Pokemon all contributed to a great week.

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If we've missed your favourite off the list, feel free to post it at the bottom.


Alan Wake preview

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg

DS2 in the hands of The Pokemon Company

Official Xbox Magazine

Call of Duty 7: What We Know So Far

BioShock 2 - Multiplayer Guide

Chat-up lines for gamers

Official Nintendo Magazine

Red Steel 2 gameplay video

Ace Attorney Interview

Pokémon: The Next Generation - What we'd like to see

Edge Online

Preview: Xbox 360 Game Room

Review: Heavy Rain

New Crysis 2 Details Revealed


Game Inspired Memes

Chickens: The most hated animal in video games?

How to kill gaming's hardest heroes