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CVG: The week's best comments

When you lot make us laugh...

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" With the horrors that presented itself in Modern Warfare 2, along with glitches, and nothing really new in terms of actual play.. I'll be glad to move over to Bad Company 2 until Medal of Honor and Ghost Recon comes out later in the year.

MW2 really is a disaster in terms of what they have built ontop of COD4. Not only that, but the sheer laziness from Infinity Ward in getting fixes done.. is abysmal to say the least. It's took them months, and there still is many many dangerous bugs."
KMakawa presents just one side of the Modern Warfare versus Battlefield online debate. We love CoD online, but agree that it has been a bit ruined by all the glitches these past few months.

Bobby Kotick on 'coming across like a dick'

"oh suddenly realised that its customers, not just investors that pay your highly inflated wages Bobby? Its a bit to try and sew or hands back on after you bit them off!?"
Barca Azul remains unconvinced by the Activision CEO's suggestion that he's more Luke Skywalker than Darth Vader.

DS2 dev kits in the wild?

"A new gameboy would be better than a new DSIXXL in 3D on Ice. At least then we might be able to have the good hardcore games on that and leave the lame 3rd party games on the DS.unless the 3rd party games were any good and didnt involve babies or horses"
mogel94 prefers old school Nintendo handhelds, and won't be happy with a new DS, even if it is an all singing, all dancing one with flashing lights.

And from the CVG Facebook Fan Page:

"I hate Mike Jackson !!!!!"
CVG reader Shawn Levy responds to a photograph of Mike's Final Fantasy XIII haul.

"Does that mean her polygonal baps are more acceptable because they're actually real baps?"
Pretend CVG reader and our ONM colleague, Chris Scullion comments on Heavy Rain model pics.

"I think I only can come up with three hundred more inventive ways to promote a videogame such as FFXIII before calling a celebrity for that... What's the message, anyway? 'This is the game even Leona Lewis likes'? That is not a hell of a warranty, precisely..."
Javier García-Miranda isn't impressed with Leona's FFXIII ad

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