CVG: The week's best comments

When you lot make us laugh...

We like to think we know the stories that push your buttons, readers.

A fair few of those did the rounds this week - most notable Sony and Microsoft reps taking shots at each other (you guys just love a good old console war), and pictures of women.

Whatever the topic though, we can always trust our 'CVG massive' to bring comedy to the table.

Here's what made us chuckle this week...

David Cage already has 'ideas for next game'

This time its the male characters turn to go to the toilet, contextual choices include " shake wand at end" "leave it out for a laugh" or "tuck wand between legs for a woman impression"
If only Heavy Rain boss David Cage was as creative as Martinawatson...

'Wii needs a price cut' - analyst

Is there anyone out there who takes the Wii seriously as a games machine? I mean, come on, even Dot was playing on one in Eastenders last night.
Gambini doubt's good old Dot's videogame proficiency. We heard she's also East London's number one Counter Strike player...

Yes, the real-life Madison Paige is hot

I'm actually in love... i'll add her name to the list of women i'd like to disappoint.
Triffic, made the whole team laugh out loud with that one. We'll be using that in the pub, cheers.

Nothing wrong with a nice bit of perving. That's what makes facebook so successful.
harky is the reason ladies need their privacy settings set to maximum

More pics of the HOT Madison Paige model, anyone?

I wouldnt say I had a semi.............but there's defnitely blood flow
Gillri has a way with words.

Ubi defends Assassin's Creed 2 DRM

I would rather try and defend Harold Shipman's actions than Ubisoft's new system.
jon_hill987 clearly not a fan of Ubi's new militant DRM.

MS: "Xbox 360 has the most exclusives"

There's no way in hell that Irn Bru makes a better companion than Heineken though. Nothing tastes better than Heineken.
ParmaViolet tackles matters far more pressing than videogame politics

Flamin' Hot Monster Munch, Pickled Onion Space Raiders, Salt & Vinegar Squares, Beef Monster Munch, Tesco Own Brand Cheese & Onion, Bacon Wheat Crunchies, Skips, Beef Hula Hoops, Beef Discos, Frazzles, Scampi Fries...
Mark240473 hilariously listing over 100 types of crisps after fellow reader MrPirtniw pleaded for everyone to "Stop ... making ... F**KING lists"

Sony: PS3 'better for publishers than 360'

Jesus, people are so blind. Ever heard of spin? Listened to a politician? By choosing what facts you use, you can make a case for almost anything. "I don't think you should drink milk, because 100% of people that drink milk die."
darry brings some intellect to the party.

Infinity Ward can't compete with DICE online - EA

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