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Mike, I knew you were wrong

Gearbox boss knew Michael Pachter's 'sent to die' Borderlands comment was off

Gearbox studio's boss Randy Pitchford has said that he knew analyst Michael Pachter's comments about Borderlands were wrong. And now the sales figures have proved it.

The Wedbush Morgan analyst famously said that Borderlands was 'sent to die' as it prepared to launch last year between Halo 3: ODST and Modern Warfare 2 as well as other heavy hitting Christmas releases.

"This was truly a labour of love for us," Pitchford told Gamasutra. "We were sandwiched between the two biggest first-person shooter franchises ever. And the guys at BioWare, who walk on water, were releasing Dragon Age around the same time."

Borderlands launched and went on to do around three million units, while Gearbox continues to invest in the franchise and release new DLC.

"It was tough for me, because it's Mike's job to analyze these things," Pitchford continued, adding, "You know what, Mike? I knew you were wrong. We feel like we're just getting started."

Pachter has just gone on record saying that Natal will launch at $50. Wonder if he's wrong about that too?