Napoleon: Total War screens

Creative Assembly's latest out tomorrow (Feb 23)

Creative Assembly has fired out a few new shots ahead of tomorrow's (or today's depending on where you live) Napoleon: Total War. Come get some.

Speaking about why Napoleon became the subject of the game, the game's Mike Simpson wrote: "When we were making Empire: Total War we wanted the flow of the game to broadly match the flow of history. The idea was that the European powers start off in a relatively stable situation where major warfare in continental Europe is very expensive, very unpopular, and for the major powers generally a bad thing.

"There is much more fertile ground abroad, and so the major powers export their rivalry and conflict to the new world and India. As the century continues the major powers grow richer and more powerful, and they divide the world up between them. By the end of the century there is nowhere left to go, and the focus return to Europe for a grand denouement. In real life, this began the Napoleonic Wars."


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