Bungie: We might make another Halo

Halo Reach our final swansong? That may be 'premature', teases studio

Bungie has admitted that it may one day revisit the Halo series - telling CVG that seeing Halo: Reach as a complete full-stop on the studio's involvement is "premature".

Bungie is readying Halo: Reach for its May Beta run - and is treating the game as its last Halo effort.

The firm has previously told CVG that Reach will be its last Halo on Xbox 360.

Aaron Greenberg told CVG a fortnight ago at X10 that 360 isn't even "half-way through its lifecycle" - which would leave the console on shelves for another five years.

Following Bungie's decision to go independent in 2007, Microsoft is now free to choose other developers to continue the Halo story - as it did with Ensemble for Halo Wars.

However, as far as a complete full stop on Bungie's involvement in the series? Never say never.

In an exclusive interview - which you'll be able to see on CVG later today - Bungie community boss Brian Jarrard told us:

"You know, it might be premature to say we'll never ever, ever make a Halo game again. We sort of have a little special place for Halo in our hearts. But for the foreseeable future, this [Halo Reach] is it."

When CVG asked Jarrard if the studio was feeling the pressure of making 'the last Bungie Halo game' (for now, at least), he replied:

"There is a degree of pressure there but I also think that inspires our team. If we don't ever come back to Halo again, we better damn well make sure that our last game is the best one ever. Let's set that bar really high and at least leave our fans something really special."