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Moto GP 09/10

Preview: Time to get a wheel job

Poor old MotoGP. The licence for this long-standing series has been banded around like an unwanted child. Namco, THQ and Capcom have been intermittent guardians, while developers from Climax, Milestone and more have stepped in to develop it. For MotoGP 09/10, relatively unknown developers. Monumental Games have taken the handlebars.

Although the gameplay retains the familiar range of handling modes, as well as the expected 125cc, 2500cc and MotoGP events across the 17 circuits from the 09 season, Monumental have taken a Race Driver: Grid approach for MotoGP 09/10.


So, rather than just hopping on a bike and earning points, you'll need to create a team, brand your bike, earn sponsorship, hire and fire staff to develop your media profile and research new parts to make your bike competitive. By performing well in the qualifying stages as well as the race, you'll level up your rider, which will allow you to increase your race team into a far bigger operation.

These new career management options add a great new dimension to what was becoming a predictable series. They really give you the feeling that you're forging your own way in the MotoGP series rather than squeezing into the leathers of an already-famous rider.

The only thing we have issue with are the visuals - they have a nasty 'fuzzy' effect that seems like a step back from past MotoGP games. Still time for a polish.

This article was originally published in Gamesmaster

The verdict

  • AI is challenging
  • Management and research elements are a nice addition
  • Visually dated
  • Lacks some of the polish of past MotoGP games
Xbox 360
Racing / Driving, Sports, Action