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Madworld turned more people off than on

Red Steel dev says violence was too much

Red Steel developer Jason Vandenberghe has told Official Nintendo Magazine that the violence in Madworld turned more people off the game than it turned on, which resulted in poor sales.

Speaking about the state of hardcore games for Wii like Madworld and Dead Space, Vandenberghe offered, "They sold nothing, right? In each case we've seen so far we have other circumstances that have to be taken into consideration.

"I don't know, I'm no statistical marketing expert. I'm an expert on player emotion. But you look at Madworld. If you make an ultra violent game where you're shoving signposts through people's heads as a core mechanic - I have no problem with that. I played it and I had a great time but if you do that you're going to sell 10%. You're cutting out 90% of your sales because that offends 90% of gamers."

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