Medal of Honor gameplay preview

David Brown is ready to be called upon to do his previewing duty

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Despite our MW2-related concerns, we've got high hopes for this shooter. Remember we're talking about Medal of Honor here. So Airborne wasn't much cop, but there's a history here, one that EA have made great noises about staying true to. Well, beyond changing the time, setting and, we presume, getting a recharging health system in there.


Even if MOH turns out similiar to what's come before it, it should still be good. We know it's going to be cinematic, exciting, edge-of-the-seat action with even some stealth thrown in. There's going to be a load of vehicles and aircraft to control, and it's got some of the toughest people on the planet making sure it's all authentic (to a point).

If it can deliver a storyline that doesn't descend into silliness, there doesn't seem to be any real reason why EA won't cudgel its way back into the shooter arena with this one, especially when you consider that DICE are going to be handling the multiplayer side of things, which is exciting news. Look out Modern Warfare 2, the Tier 1 Ops guys are behind you, poised to snap your neck like a twig.

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