Borderlands fixed

Gearbox releases new patch for RPG-shooter

Today is the day of patches it seems, with Gearbox Software being the next dev to fix up a game. Version 1.30 for the PC edition of Borderlands is now live. Here's what's been changed.

Addressed issues:

Invalid weapons or items can no longer be loaded into the game
Brick's Centurion class mods now regenerate health correctly
Brick's Bombardier class mods now regenerate rockets correctly
Roland's Tactician class mods now regenerate shields correctly and display the correct bonus values
Roland's Rifleman class mods now apply damage increase to all machine guns
Certain powerful legendary item names should now be displayed in the appropriate color
Opening the bank in the Mad Moxxi DLC no longer prevents other players from moving
Multiple copies of DLC missions can no longer be obtained
Corrected some incorrect icons in the ammo vendor
Fixed a crash caused by killing the final boss while zoomed in with a scope
The "Careful, he bites" achievement should now properly unlock when playing in French
Added icons to the server browser that indicate which DLCs the server has installed
The server browser now displays the name of the DLC a server is playing instead of the plot mission
Adjusted scrolling in menu options in long server lists
Added a notification if a player attempts to continue a game saved in DLC that is no longer installed
Fixed DLC notification dialogs that were not closing properly
Alt-F4 no longer closes the game if it is not in focus

Balance adjustments:

Chests in New Haven have been adjusted to contain more appropriate loot
The duration of daze effects has been reduced to 6 seconds, and the amount by which it decreases the speed of enemies and their projectiles has been reduced
Damage from shock elemental effects has been increased
Repeater pistol damage has been slightly increased, accuracy slightly decreased
Sniper Rifle critical hit bonus has been increased