Just Cause 2 review - 86% in GamesMaster

Multiformat mag says 'it makes GTA IV look small'

CVG sister magazine GamesMaster has given its splendid four-page verdict on Square Enix's Just Cause 2 - and it's good news for Rico Rodriguez.

The mag gives the game a very respectable 86 per cent in its review - heaping praise on its huge scale.

'We don't ever think we've encountered a free-roamer with quite so sprawling a map or quite so many possible, deliciously destructive distractions,' it reports. 'You'll want to invest 30 to 40 hours into this baby.'

The game's never-ending explosions also come in for applause ('you'll never tire of the eneormous conflagrations Rico creates), as does its looks. GM calls it an 'eyebath for the eyeballs'.

Criticisms include the lack of a 'decent cover system' and the 'randomness' of the ammo.

However, the mag says if you're into 'having a riot', then JC2 is 'comfortably the best "zany" sandboxer out there.

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