David Jaffe: I don't care about reviews like I used to

Twisted Metal creator says he doesn't 'connect' with the opinions of modern critics

God Of War creator David Jaffe has revealed that he no longer "connects" with specialist press review scores - and prefers reading fan feedback online.

Speaking to The Official PlayStation Magazine (UK), Jaffe said that games journalists are "going out of their way to praise the artistic for its own sake at the expense of video games".

He added: "Don't get me wrong - a good review makes my night, but I no longer find myself connecting with what a lot of reviewers go for and so it doesn't matter as much to me any more."

Jaffe's rumoured to be hard at work on a new Twisted Metal game, but he's yet to confirm the whispers.

UPDATE: We've clarified the original headline of this article - 'David Jaffe: I don't care about reviews' - after the man himself had a bit of a pop at it on his blog. It's okay: We can take it on the chin.

We felt that the previous headline was a fair short-form interpretation of his comments to OPM - but we're not in the business of misrepresenting people. So to be clear: Mr Jaffe does care about reviews of his games - especially when they're good ones. Just not as much as he used to.

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