Natal lag is 'minimal'

Microsoft touts Bioshock as example of hardcore game that could work on system

The lag experienced when playing 'bat and wall' game Ricochet on Project Natal is 'minimal' - despite viewers of TV presenter Jonathan Ross's playthrough on the game saying they noticed latency.

That's according to CVG sister site TechRadar, which got hands-on with the technology last week.

The site reported that Ricochet was 'a bit like a third-person version of the classic Arkanoid. Only you are the bat, thwacking the ball by waving your arms/legs/body about'.

Microsoft's Erin Hofto said:

"The Xbox 360 is thought of as a hardcore games platform, offering singular experiences. But Natal is a social technology, enabling us to introduce casual games we haven't been able to create before. It will be focused on fun, simple games. We don't know what third party publishers will do with the technology.

"All of our publishing partners have had Natal development kits for some time, but we have no idea what these third party publishers are up to. They might want to introduce a voice element to Bioshock 2, for example. But I don't know. We're focused on family content, titles that you can jump in and out of."

The site added:'Significantly, the amount of lag is minimal. The demo bat and ball game is dependant on very fast reaction times, but the system never seemed to struggle to keep up.'