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Naughty Dog founder: Natal will revolutionise more than gaming

Jason Rubin says that the non-gaming uses of Natal offer big opportunity

Former Naughty Dog co-founder and president, Jason Rubin, has said Natal could "revolutionise more than gaming".

Speaking on GameTrailer's Bonus Round, Rubin said he believed that motion-based games were going to come to dominate gaming and that Natal could make the Xbox 360 more appealing to non-gamers.

"I think Natal and things like Natal are going to revolutionise more than gaming," he said, adding: "Putting Natal in the Xbox gives it the opportunity to become a lot more than just a gaming machine... the things you can do outside of gaming justifies buying Natal."

"If Microsoft plays its cards right it can sell far more Xbox's ... to people who don't buy games."

Rubin left Naughty Dog in 2004 and is now Chief Executive of Monkey Gods.