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NGamer Towers - the latest

What's the haps in Nintendo Land this week?

As we come down off the excitement high of last week's Nintendo Summit, it's back to earth with a bump for Team NGamer - yes, it's deadline week.

While some of you are still just getting acquainted with issue 47 (why haven't you subscribed yet? You'd have got it ages ago if you had), we're into the final straight on issue 48. It's very much like we're living in the future really, but with fewer robots and matter transporters.

So things are a bit frantic round here, with noses pressed to grindstones, fingers clattering over keyboards, and thumbs affixed firmly to D-pads, A buttons and touch screens (but not while the adjacent fingers are engaged in keyboard action - that way dislocated metacarpals lie).

The big topics of conversation round these parts are still Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M. Matthew may have had all the fun going hands-on with both of them in London last week, but via some charades-style re-enactments he's convinced us of the awesomeness of both of them - though we admit that we didn't need much convincing.

He's now busy converting his gestures and excited hoots into coherent words for a couple of frankly awesome previews for issue 48. Websites and other mags may try to woo you with their fly-by-night thoughts on Mario and Metroid, but NGamer's coverage will be so in-depth we're going to provide flotation aids with every issue in case you find yourself drowning in info.

Anyway, this magazine won't write itself (even though we've asked it nicely), so we'd best return to that grindstone. In the meantime, this is what we're all up to this week...

Kittsy is... Currently looking at loads of red spaces on the flatplan [the document that shows what goes where in the mag - Technical Ed], which means pages that haven't yet been written or designed.
Kittsy's top tip for getting through a deadline is... "Pretend you're colourblind." Ah, flatplan ignorance is bliss.

Matthew is... Preparing for a Suda51 interview. We think he's going to ask him if he wants to be Matthew's new dad.
Matthew's top tip for getting through a deadline is... "I try to move all sharp implements out of reach. It's for the best, especially when the art monkeys demand 1,000 words in ten minutes." Don't let that mild-mannered exterior fool you, viewers.

Charlotte is... Limbering up to review Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3. The legwarmers are probably unnecessary.
Charlotte's top tip for getting through a deadline is... "Wear a jumper with the hood up. You'll look a bit menacing, so people don't ask you silly questions, and if it's a big enough hood it also creates impromptu blinkers, stopping you getting distracted by colleagues, passers by and interesting things outside the windo... ooh! A steam train!"

Andy is... Celebrating Newcastle's 2-1 win over Watford, and being very ill with suspected food poisoning. We've warned him before about eating live ducks out of the pond in the park...
Andy's top tip for getting through a deadline is... "Get a set of headphones so you can ignore everyone." [What Andy doesn't realise is that the joke's on him, as everyone's already ignoring him - Practical Jokes Ed]

Kim is... Designing one of the gifts for issue 48, which is proving harder than it looks. You remember to be grateful when you get it, you hear?
Kim's top tip for getting through a deadline is... "A mixture of Pepsi Max, Nong Shim Noodles and comfy trousers." With this combination of haute cuisine and high fashion, it's rather like a posh Parisian suburb round Kim's desk.