Aliens: Colonial Marines hype starts again...

Randy Pitchford talks up next Gearbox project

It's been missing in action for years, but Gearbox has once again kicked the Aliens: Colonial Marines hype machine into action. Anything to do with the stellar AvP sales, you reckon?

Head honcho and man who never stops talking, Randy Pitchford put the reason for the shooter's sluggish development down to prioritising its other project, Borderlands.

He told MCV: "We have an Aliens game with Sega and 20th Century Fox which we're really excited about. It's the thing I've been stealing from all my career. Now I'm really working on it, but we've been quiet about that so far.

"Borderlands took over Gearbox," he added. "We had so much fun working on that and when we finished we wanted to carry on. And the DLC - we've launched two so far and there's a third to come which take us to a new level in every way."

The last time we saw Colonial Marines was via magazine previews in early 2008. Last year Pitchford told CVG in our own Colonial Marines interview that Gearbox is "working hard" on the illusive FPS.

"I want to tell all! But I can't. But I can say that we are working hard and that there are great things afoot and I know that when the time is right, Sega will be excited to share more details about the game," he said.