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Sony: How to recover PS3 Trophies

Platform holder issues advice after leap year bug hits consoles

Sony has issued advice to PS3 users that have seemingly 'lost' Trophies due to yesterday's calendar-related system bug.

A statement from the platform holder, sent to CVG this morning, reads:

'It is possible that some users who experienced the connection problems yesterday and tried unsuccessfully to access a game (online or offline) may find that trophy data for that title is no longer displayed.

'To resolve this issue, the user will need to re-access the game to reinstall the trophies, then exit the game and sync their trophy collection to the server in order to regain previous achievements.'

The bug recognised 2010 as a leap year, and reset the clock of older PS3s yesterday (March 1st).

The fault meant the PS3 couldn't join PSN and left users unable to play certain games that used trophies, or performed trophy-sync checks online.

We reported this morning that Sony is reporting the 8001050F error has corrected itself.

However, CVG Forum users say not everything is back to normal. CVG member Only_777 wrote this morning:

'Ok so the bug is over and we can now all go back online. There are some issues though:

1) If you tried to run any HDD games (Wipeoute HD, PS1 games, etc) these will probably need to be deleted and downloaded again. I tried running Street Fighter Alpha yesterday, and got the bug. I tried running it today and it wouldn't load but everything I didn't try yesterday works fine.

2) Those trophies you lost don't come back. But you still have them on the PSN, but a re-sync doesn't get them back. However [compare] trophies with a friend and you'll see them even though they don't appear on your system.'