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Activision: Warcraft could become 'obsolete'

'Technological advances' could kill off MMO, says publisher

Activision has warned that World Of Warcraft could become 'obsolete' due to advances in the way consumers play games.

In the 'Risk Factor' section of the company's Annual Fiscal Report, filed yesterday, the firm wrote:

'We compete with other forms of interactive entertainment, such as casual games like iPhone applications and other mobile phone games, and games developed for use by consumers on social networking sites.

'Future increased consumer acceptance and increases in the availability such games or other online games, or technological advances in online game software or the Internet, could result in a decline in platform-based software and negatively impact sales of our console and hand-held products. Newer technological advances in online game software may also render products such as World of Warcraft obsolete.

'Additionally, direct sales of software over the Internet by competitors could adversely affect our distribution business.'

Warcraft's MMO rivals admitted in January that no current title has a chance of 'toppling' the series.