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Sledgehammer 'action adventure' CoD clarified

2011 CoD separate from spin-off, Activision confirms

The just-announced Call of Duty spin-off by Activision startup, Sledgehammer is not the main series entry announced for release next year.

Clarifying yesterday's CoD-ageddon - in which Infinity Ward bosses got the sack - an internal Activision memo (obtained by G4TV) stated that this year's Call of Duty will be made by Treyarch and next year's by someone else (possibly Infinity Ward).

Sledgehammer's CoD game is something else entirely, Activision clarified, meaning we've got at least three 'Duty games on the horizon.

"2010 is expected to be another big year for Call of Duty," said CEO Mike Griffith in the internal memo. "With Treyarch developing a new title for fall release, Infinity Ward's downloadable content for Modern Warfare 2 in the works now, and a new Call of Duty title expected to be released in 2011."

"In addition," he added, making the distinction between the two games clear, "Sledgehammer Games is in development on a Call of Duty title in the action-adventure genre. It's an exciting time and it's the right time to ensure the appropriate resources are there to support Call of Duty's growth."

There you are then, hopefully that clears everything up.