Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 - What we want to see

Here's our list: But what do YOU want it to contain, readers?

We've been pretty lucky. In August 2009 Rocksteady brought us the definitive Batman game (make that the definitive superhero game) and no-one saw it coming.

Until then we'd had to make do with horrifically mediocre action games dressed as superheroes and Arkham Asylum was the first to put Batman first and build a game around him.

And late last year, while the dark but beautiful nightmare of Arkham Asylum was still fresh in our memories, we were treated to a substantial teaser trailer which not only confirmed a sequel (as if there was any doubt) but also hinted at all kinds of possibilities.

A wider game world in Gotham City and appearances from villains such as Two Face, Black Mask, The Penguin and maybe Catwoman all look likely. Right now, however, the only thing that we can truly count on is an appearance from Batman himself. Here's a few things CVG thinks would accompany The Dark Knight quite nicely in his next outing:

The Titan-pumped super mutants were little more than bumbling clichés; big, dumb, powerful and predictable. It's a formula that's been used time and time again. In Arkham Asylum it was fun to begin with, but after fighting variations on the theme for the fifth time it got a bit boring. Even the final confrontation with the Joker became a cop out, "Finally, toe to toe with The Clown Prince of Crime... Ah crap he's taken the Titan."


But there was a wider problem here. It wasn't that almost every boss was either a Bane wannabe or Bane himself, it was that they all followed the same formula of fighting until they were stunned and vulnerable to a big attack before repeating.

It's been done to death and something that developers need to be creative about and move away from. Since Rocksteady broke the mould when it came to Batman, maybe they can do the same with the end of level boss.

Batman is supposed to be the world's greatest detective, right? Well, Arkham Asylum he was just a dude with hi-tec specs. Of course we want Bats to use gadgetry to give himself the edge in the field, but the inclusion of an all-in-one super computer embedded in his cowl reduced any real detective work to a simple electronic breadcrumb hunt.

We want proper puzzles - and the thing is they were actually already present in Arkham Asylum. Take the Riddler side-quests, integrate them into the story properly, keep the hi-tec forensics, throw in a couple of fear-based interrogations and bingo, you've got a nice varied approach to tracking down peeps.

This rule MUST be obeyed: Robin is out. He angers Bat fans more than anything else.

It seems that there's a fine line between cool and camp and, nine times out of ten, a teenage gymnast in tights somehow takes away the brooding edge of The Dark Knight.

Nightwing, on the other hand, is Dick Grayson with an extra blob of badass. In his later years as a solo vigilante, Grayson becomes just as capable as Bats and strikes a nice balance between stone cold crime fighting and light charisma.


And he can already slot straight into the continuity. Barbara Gordan was fulfilling her role as Oracle in Arkham Asylum - meaning her days of being Batgirl are over after being shot in the spine. This means we're already well beyond having to deal with Dick Grayson as a child and any other Boy Wonder such as Tim Drake or Jason Todd can just be ignored.

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