American McGee working on Red Riding Hood game

Developer to pitch title to publishers at GDC

Off-the-wall games auteur American McGee has begun work on a new, gory Red Riding Hood game.

The developer - head of Spicy Horse studio - wrote on his Flickr page:

'[This is] something Ken Wong and I have been working on for years - a concept built on "Little Red Riding Hood". This image [the 'Red pic below] was done by Spicy Horse concept artist Luis Melo.

'Still no home for this project - but I continue discussing the idea with publishers. One of these days... '

He added that the post: '... isn't an announcement... just something we've been toying around with for some time. if we get lucky, then a publisher might pick this up and we can build it alongside or after Alice 2.


You can see the two pieces of concept art McGee released below.

American McGee is currently hard at work on his second adult Alice In Wonderland game. The title's being published by EA.

[ SOURCE: Flickr ]