Ubisoft DRM hacked already?

And publisher adds backtrack patch for Assassin's Creed II...

A group has allegedly already hacked Ubisoft's new hugely controversial DRM system for its PC games.

The DRM system, which requires users to be connected to the internet at all times during gameplay (there is no offline option), was included in submarine sim Silent Hunter 5 when it released in the US yesterday.

But a team of crackers claims (via Kotaku) that those who download its pirated version need only "Install game and copy crack, it's that simple!" So basically, the complete opposite of those who bought the game legitimately.

The DRM system is set to be included in Splinter Cell: Conviction and Assassin's Creed II, though for the latter Ubisoft's already released a patch that tones it down a bit, allowing gameplay to be resumed at exactly the point it ended in the event of a loss of internet connection.

UPDATE: Ubisoft has issued a statement to CVG: "You have probably seen rumors on the web that Assassin's Creed II and Silent Hunter 5 have been cracked.

"Please know that this rumor is false and while a pirated version may seem to be complete at start up, any gamer who downloads and plays a cracked version will find that their version is not complete"

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]