Red Dead delay is for 'fine-tuning'

Although new May release date is "final" promises Rockstar

Rockstar has said that its decision to delay Red Dead Redemption to May was to allow its developers to "polish and fine-tune" the game before its eventual outing.

"The game's new release date - which we promise is final! - is May 18th, 2010 (May 21st in Europe)," said Rockstar on its official blog, alleviating fears of any further delays.

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"We at Rockstar have always prided ourselves on the uncompromising quality of our games - and will always opt to take a bit longer to polish and fine-tune a game to be as perfect as possible when we think it necessary. With Red Dead Redemption, we felt that these extra few weeks will make a big difference in helping us deliver you an experience beyond your expectations.

"Thanks for your patience. We believe it will be worth the wait."

As we said earlier, we've played it and it does look pretty good. Check out the preview here.

[ SOURCE: Rockstar Games Blog ]