FFXIII: Why the haters are wrong

Opinion: Mike Jackson on why poor reviews are wide of the mark...

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And in moments when you can wander prematurely into unknown territory, the enemies you encounter are so strong that just a fart in your general direction wipes out your entire squad. Final Fantasy is a game that rewards patience - and always has been.

So after all those less-than-desirable reviews, think about it before you face-palm and cancel your pre-order.

FFXIII looks absolutely incredible. The battle system is one of the best in the genre. The cutscenes are the best in any videogame. Ever. The music is incredibly affecting. The story, while not faultless, is intriguing, deep and yet easy to follow.

Honestly, can a bit of linearity spoil all that? Like 5/10, spoil it? Do me a favour.

FFXIII is the result of four years of blood and sweat from the most well-respected and committed RPG developer in the world.

Consider it a brilliant action game with RPG elements if you must. Just buy it and enjoy.

[CVG's Mike Jackson proudly gave FFXIII 9.2/10 in our exclusive review].

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