Win! A DSi XL console

We've got both colours for lucky winners

The larger-than-life DSi XL is out in shops today, but before you scribble Nintendo's new machine into your 2010 wish-list, why not try winning one for free?

As we said in our DSi XL review, it's striking just how nice the new 4.2 inch screens are compared to the much smaller 3.25 inch screens of the standard DSi. Unlike any previous DS, they have impact. Games look better on them.


Their clarity and vivid colours are particularly stunning. We fired up New Super Mario Bros. which looks fantastic on the big screens. We even found that, thanks to the increased size of enemies on screen, it made it easier to judge precise jumps and avoid incoming obstacles with greater accuracy, so if you're crap at games it can even help you out a little.

We've got two to give away - one in each of the two available colours; Wine Red and Dark Brown. And they'll include Brain Training Arts Edition, Dictionary 6 in 1 and the Nintendo DSi Browser on them, so you can get going straight away. All you need to do is answer the question below and hope it's your lucky day...