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MS forces Sony to scrap 'Arc'?

Microsoft-owned trademark has affected rival's plans, say sources

A Microsoft trademark could have forced Sony to rename its PS3 motion wand.

Though it's never been officially Christened, the PS3 motion controller has been heavily tipped to be called 'Arc' - with several third-party execs coining the name.

It's emerged this morning, however, that a range of Microsoft-trademarked PC accessories of the same name could have forced Sony to change its plans.

Industry sources have this morning told CVG that Sony is considering a quick renaming of the device - to avoid potential confusion and clashes with Microsoft over the trademark.


SCEA's Patrick Seybold admitted 'PlayStation Arc' is a "rumoured codename" for the controller last month, after THQ president Brian Farrell used the Arc name in an investor call.

Of course the other name being chucked about for the PS3 wand is 'Gem', and Disney Interactive recently used it recently in public.

When contacted, an SCE spokesperson issued a straight "no comment" on our report.