Star Wars: The Old Republic - Bioware's biggest ever game

Title is larger than Mass Effect 1 & 2, Dragon Age and KOTOR combined, says studio

Bioware has revealed that much-anticipated MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic is its biggest ever game - and contains more content than all of its previous Triple-A titles put together.

Speaking to the all-new edition of PC Gamer in the magazine's April 'MMO issue', creative director James Ohlen said:

"It's the biggest game I've ever worked on. I'm surprised at the enormity of it every other week. We're creating more content than Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 1, Dragon Age and Knights Of The Old Republic put together, and throw in Baldur's Gate, too."

LucasArts has previously confirmed that the Star Wars: The Old Republic release date will arrive in spring 2011.


You can read the full six-page feature on Star Wars: The Old Republic in the latest issue of PC Gamer, which reached subscribers today. It'll be in the shops by the end of the week.

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