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Donkey Kong World Record smashed!

King of Kong beaten by New York plastic surgeon

A New York plastic surgeon has smashed the Donkey Kong world record set by 'King Of Kong' Billy Mitchell.

Billy Mitchell starred in the King Of Kong documentary which followed his battle with Steve Wiebe to become the Donkey Kong Champion. Mitchell won but his world record - which stood for three years - has been broken by 35-year old Hank Chien.

Chien broke Mitchell's record by 11,500 points on the way to racking up 1,061,700 on an original Donkey Kong arcade board.

The news will be especially galling for Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe as Chien told Examiner that he has only been playing Donkey Kong seriously since watching the King Of Kong film.

At least Wiebe can be content with the fact that he broke the Donkey Kong Jr World Record a few weeks ago.