God of War team working on two new games

Long-term and short-term projects in concept phase

Sony's Santa Monica Studio is taking little time between finishing God of War III and finding its next project.

"We're jumping right back in," said John Hight, director of product development. "I've got a small concept team working on the next product for us."

"We're actually going to do something different for us this time. We're going to have a short term concept, something that we hope to turn out - I'm not going to say when - but then we have a long term concept team going."

"So we have two teams going on at once, one with a long range, you know: here's what we're going to do years down the road, and the other one is: here's what we're going to do as the very next project."

Earlier this week, Hight said the studio had "no idea" on its next project.