Medal Of Honor doesn't work with PS3 Move

Development team 'had a look' but decided against it, says EALA boss

Electronic Arts' upcoming Medal Of Honor game will not be compatible with PS3 Move, CVG can reveal.

Screens for EA's Modern Warfare rival were released today - and are looking pretty exciting.

When we asked Richard Farrelly, senior creative director of EA LA - the studio that made the campaign mode of Medal Of Honor - if the title would work with PS3 Move, he said:

"We had a look at it, but we decided that it needed to have a meaningful application for us to use it - which it didn't this time. We rule out anything that risks feeling like a gimmick."

Sony announced PS3 Move last night at GDC. The peripheral and its sub-controller will be compatible with Sony's own SOCOM 4 - developed by MAG studio Zipper.

You can see some new screens of the device here.

Look out for the full interview with Farrelly soon.