Red Faction 3 'goes back to the old games'

Next entry will be 'hybrid' between Guerrilla and first two games, says THQ

The next Red Faction game, planned for release in March 2011, will go 'back to the old games', says THQ.

Speaking at GDC with Joystiq, THQ's executive VP of Core Games, Danny Bilson described the next game as a "hybrid" between the first two titles Red Faction games and Guerrilla.

"The new game takes [Red Faction] to a whole new place, it kind of goes back to the old Red Faction because about 80% of it is underground," he said.

According to Bilson, the upcoming open-world third-person shooter will be far more "structured," akin to a "narrative" shooter. It will feature the excellent destruction of Guerrilla (which THQ says cost it "a fortune" to develop) but will have a "much greater impact on cities built closer together in the tight confines of the new underground world".

Although Guerrilla received an excellent critical reception (read our Red Faction Guerrilla review) it failed to meet THQ's sales expectations. So I suppose we should be glad they're bothering to make a sequel at all.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]