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The One-Month War for Neptune's Pride: Part 3

Our massive eight-player space war is now rife with betrayal and dickishness.

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Kieron: My main memory of this period was Jim panickedly saying he was doomed, and there was no way he could face Quinns. The thing is, we had no idea how much trouble Quinns was really in. The game is open, in that you know the total number of stars, tech, fleet size, production, etc that people have. So we just saw he had masses more stars than everyone else and an industry that dwarfed everyone. However, since the battles with Hentzau and AI-WAR-DOG-TOM were off our scanners, we had no idea that they were eating up his machine. We just saw Jim being effortlessly devoured by Quinns and looked to our own future.


Hentzau: The location of my star Aldhibah is pretty favourable to a mobile defense; it's only a couple of hours away from three major garrison worlds. As soon as Quinns looks like he's going to attack any one of them I can shunt forces there from the rest before his attack force arrives. This gives me a bit of breathing room while Quinns tries to figure out exactly how he's going to crack this 150-ship nut, which I exploit when Quinns inexplicably shuts off the ship faucet bringing constant reinforcements to the front line.

Well, I say inexplicably; this coincided with Tom being taken over by the AI, which (I assume) immediately decided to zerg the huge stockpile of ships he had been constructing all game into the worlds surrounding its territory - which all happened to be held by Quinns - in some kind of enormous karmic smackdown.

Not being one to look a gift AI in the mouth, I order a couple of tattered fleets to counterattack Capella and one of its neighbouring worlds. This is more of a screw-you attack than anything else, since Quinns still has one very large fleet prepping for an attack, and I have no chance of holding onto those worlds, but it's the thought that counts. It's also symbolic of the way the war proceeds from this point on, with Quinns taking a world, me retaking it, and it exchanging hands possibly several times in succession before Quinns finally manages to secure it. He's making progress, but it's awkward and a lot slower than it should be seeing as he outnumbers me two to one. I'm desperately trying to buy myself enough time until Graham and Kieron attack Quinns and take some of the pressure off.

Click for the big version to see Hentzau's cunning plan.

Poisoned Sponge: Oh for fuck's sake.

One day people will be able to get rid of all this emotional crap and just be beings of pure logic, able to evaluate and expand upon ideas without having to listen to what their bodies are screaming at them. Obviously, today is not that day. Graham thinks with his stomach, or stomachs (I'm sure he has several, to house all the delicious stars), and sends all the fleets I thought were heading for Kieron towards me. There's nothing I can do.

Instead of crippling Kieron and leaving me crippled, he's just gone for a piece of the Sponge pie, instead of getting the entire Kieron pie and the Sponge pie. Sure, I'd only last a few more days, but I might've been able to go full frontal on Jim and get some pay-back for his duplicate betrayal. And dying after Kieron would've been its own kind of heaven. Instead, I have to retreat to a pair of safety stars as far out as my range can get me, and attempt to do something. I figure I can bottleneck Jim's fleets at the only two stars able to reach me, and then, in an absurd parallel universe where I can't lose, start to pull back an empire.

At the very least I bloodied as many god damned noses as I possibly could. I long ago figured out that if I have to abandon a star, leaving behind just enough ships to cause maximum damage was a very good way of a) whittling down enemy forces, and b) pissing off your enemies. And angry enemies make mistakes. Even when you can't take advantage of them. As it was, I just wanted everyone on my side of the galaxy to die a Quinns-driven death. At least he hadn't betrayed me - he hadn't had the opportunity.

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