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CVG: The week's best comments

Stuff you said that made us titter

With the PlayStation Move looking like... erm, like it does... and that God of War III sex scene cropping up, there was a good chance that the comments would turn a little blue this week. You lot didn't disappoint.

SingStar porn row hits headlines

'I think you're both forgetting the vital point of this story. Which is that it's really funny...'
placid ca5ual remembers why we're here.

'He doesn't just *play* Singstar. He records himself playing Singstar. Duetting. WITH HIS MOTHER.'
We're waiting for a whole family barbershop quartet B_G_G.

PlayStation Move revealed

'It looks like a cheap sex toy. Wand? Wang, more like...'
BeauBeau says what we've all been thinking...and saying.

'HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That's the most funny and original joke I've ever heard. Are you 8 years old by any chance? The other 5000 dildo and penis jokes on these forums are nowhere near as funny as this. I'm writing it down.'
And Steve_Jobs rightly points out that it's probably time to move on.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Wii tutorial released

'Tutorial on "How To Improve Your Swinging" from a Tiger Woods game. Anyone feel like making a joke?'
We think you're almost there, wrightandrewjame.

'Will there be a mini game where you can cheat on your wife? and what about the get away when your misses is after you.'
Nice idea from adamnaz. Surely there's an app for that.

Lighter PS3s out this month

'When a guy talks about the size of his penis on a forum, you wonder if cvg will ever read this and have a laugh about it at the office.'
Yes dorian2011, yes we do.

GamesMaster TV return being 'explored'

'Charlie Brooker could do the reviews, least you know they'd be honest.'
quain-chi likes his reviews cold and sarcastic.

God Of War 3 review - 8/10 in EDGE

'It's almost as if these people over at Edge have their own opinion on games.'
Uh Oh! Looks like altitude2k might stumble upon journalism's biggest secret.

'I just had some of those limited edition Walkers Jamaican Jerk Chicken crisps. They tasted like freshly mown grass.'
altitude2k - Phew, he's gotten horrifically distracted.

'Buy this... I'd rather kiss a wookie'
There's not much that beats kissing a Wookie for The M1ghty Qu1m.

Kojima unveils MG: Rising details

'Vague, circular and mysterious. classic Kojima but overall just impressed that he has the ability to limit himself to 140 characters.'
alexkidd is easily bowled over.

God of War 3 sex scene is here

'Hahaha meaningful sex you say didn't give me a yanky doodle so i'll skip it.'
mafiahobo reveals his criteria for what makes a good cut scene.

'Wait, so you're NOT supposed to use an axe? I've been doin' it wrong!'
Triffic gets more than enjoyment from his games - he gets an education too.

'Didn't last very long did he? Is that why he's so cross?'
badgerpoghas the nerve to question the sexual prowess of Kratos.

'Nice t**s!'
jc0069says what he sees.

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