Aliens Vs Predator review - 5/10 in EDGE

Harsh dealing for Rebellion's hit from multiformat mag

Edge has hit Sega's Aliens Vs Predator with a 5/10 review - saying the game is 'a hastily
assembled three-in-one anachronism which
proves just one thing - that terrifying and
terrible are not mutually exclusive'. Ouch.

The mag offers praise to the 'brilliant visual interface' of the Predator and Alien campaigns, but calls them 'just tutorials for games that
never come'.

It adds: 'Sega's attempt to resuscitate Aliens, a franchise even Hollywood deems unfit for all but a Ridley Scott reboot, could certainly have gone better.'

Online is given more worth than single-player, however, with Edge concluding: 'This is a multiplayer game, then, because no one gave it time to be anything else.'

The critique is in stark contrast to the Official Xbox Magazine's praise-filled 8/10 Aliens Vs. Predator review.

PC Zone gave the title 82 per cent.

You can read the full review in issue 213 of Edge, which is with subscribers now. Buy your copy of Edge and have it delivered to your door.