StarCraft 2 Mac Beta this April?

Blizzard has "ways to go" before the game is finished

Blizzard has said it hopes to have a working beta for its upcoming RTS StarCraft 2 for Mac users in April.

"We are currently working on a Mac version of the beta and hope to release it sometime in April," the company said during a Twitter Q&A. "Hang in there!"

However, fans who haven't managed to get hold of a beta key may have some time to wait as the closed testing is expected to continue for some time.

"We have not begun to achieve our goals for the beta... We have a ways to go with the beta before we are satisfied," Blizzard explained.

"The beta has been a great success so far. We're extremely happy with the information we've been getting back from the community and are reacting each week to all the information we're seeing. We definitely have not achieved our final goals and are continuing to work on balance, stability, our patching process, and more."

[ SOURCE: Blizzard ]