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Gran Turismo 5 release date October - report

Sony rep at GDC apparently hints post-summer release and 3D support

A Sony rep at the Games Developer Conference last week has reportedly said Gran Turismo 5 will be out in October. Finally.

The rep, according to Italian Site 4News, also said the game will ship will full support for stereoscopic 3D which, if true, is a wallet killer for us because we need that like chicken and chips.

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All taken with a pinch of salt of course - it would seem unlikely for Sony to drop the release of one of its biggest games of the year like this. We've asked Sony UK for the official word.

Early last month Sony Portugal said GT5 was due for a "fall" release. The game was, over the weekend, also mooted for PlayStation Move (motion controller) support.

[ SOURCE: 4News ]