No Metro 2033 DLC... yet - THQ

'We'll wait and see what gamers want'

In a recent interview with CVG, THQ's head of global communications Huw Benyon said that there were no plans for Metro 2033 DLC at the moment.

He said: "We've not even talked about story-based DLC. [Metro 2033's] a self-contained story, it comes to a definite end when you finish the game. I think that's really important, that if you play through to the end you get a proper closure on the story."

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This comes at a time when gamers are becoming increasingly disgruntled with DLC being made available right after a game's release.

Bioshock 2 players hit out at 2K last week when they suspected that recent DLC had in fact been locked on the disc all along.

Benyon added that any future developments regarding Metro 2033's DLC would keep the fans in mind, "We'll wait and see what the reception is, what gamers want. Then, again, [any DLC] has got to be viable and a good use of their time to put it out there, and something that actually adds to the gaming."