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Yakuza 3 review - 90% in PSM3

Yakuza arrives to applause and an impressive score

The latest issue of PSM3 Magazine offers a Yakuza 3 review and you can see it right here on our site.

The mag felt that Yakuza's arrival on western shores deserved an impressive 90 thanks to the depth of its characters and the Yakuza world in general.

The review reads: "Yakuza 3 gradually fades from lazy days of shopping, fishing and head butting, to Machiavellian rounds of golf with local politicians and darker, meaner streets of Tokyo. And despite the deep core of story scenes and character building - and what amazing characters, both in design and nature - it never feels as if you're simply a witness."

The review backs up OPM's review, which gave it a 9/10, but seems lenient compared to Edge's 6/10.

To read the full review pick up the latest issue of PSM3 or subscribe to get it posted to your door.