Metro 2033 sets new standard on Xbox 360 - THQ

Upcoming game to set a new graphical benchmark, according to publisher

Metro 2033 has pushed Xbox 360 graphical standards in a way that hasn't been "done before", according to THQ's head of communications Huw Beynon.

"The 4A Engine is a fabulous piece of tech," Beynon told VG247, "and you'll see Metro 2033 doing things on the 360 that you haven't seen done before. Personally, I think it looks incredible. But take a look, judge for yourself."

"PC is a another level again," he added. "I think we scared a few people when we suggested our Optimum specs, but Optimum means exactly that - the very best set-up for the very best quality and performance."

"Metro will run well and look great at the minimum spec, let alone Recommended which is well within the reach of serious PC gamers. Then there's 3D Vision implemented - Metro is currently NVIDIA's poster child for their 3D tech, if you get the chance to see it you really should."

[ SOURCE: VG247 ]