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Gears Of War 3 not coming this year

Epic says it won't release any games in 2010

Epic Games' Mark Rein has said that the Gears of War developer wont be releasing a game this year but instead said the company would be supporting games made by customers of its Unreal Engine.

"We don't have any games coming out in 2010," said Rein, "so from a games standpoint, it's more about our customers' games, right? Already this year we've seen some pretty great games this year -- Mass Effect 2, BioShock 2... and Arkham Asylum's coming out in 3D, the GOTY version, so that'll be kinda cool."

While no new games are coming out this year, a new game could be announced at E3 in June, as hinted at by Epic boss Mike Capps.

"We might have a new one coming. I think E3 is going to be very exciting for fans of Epic," Capps said.