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Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City hits PS3 on March 30. Here's ten reasons to celebrate its iminent defection to PS3

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1. It rocks harder than anything in GTA IV
Everything about The Lost and Damned makes you feel like you've stepped into the smokey, grease-ridden, world of a biker gang. What really nails the experience is when you're cruising around on your hog, the sweet throaty rattle of the engine perfectly complimented by Iron Maiden's 'Run To The Hills' or Saxon's 'Wheels of Steel' and a brilliant orange sunset. It's primal, but, damn, it feels like being a man. And no less vital on PS3.

2. It's 10+ hours long
And we're not just talking about ten hours of filler either - the story missions are, in many respects, better than those in the main game. The characters and cut-scenes are certainly more polished, and the side-missions (with
the potential exception of the races, which are a bit of a mess) will genuinely keep you coming back to LAD after you've finished with the plot.

3. You get to ride around in a pack
It's one of the new features Rockstar throws into the GTA formula. Instead of driving to a mission, or taking a cab, you can ride in formation with your gang. Not only does it make you feel more like a proper 'pack', ready for the hunt, it also recharges your health en-route to the next fight. Handy.

4. Many more multiplayer modes
Lost and Damned doesn't just add a new story - it also brings more multi-player. There are eight fresh modes in total, the highlight being Witness Protection where players are split into two teams. One assumes the role of the bikers, as they try and wipe out a bus-load of witnesses en route to police stations around the city, while the other team plays as cop special forces NOOSE, as they try to protect the bus. Played with friends, or strangers with headsets, it's one of the best online modes in the game.

5. The last mission
Easily the best ending to any GTA game. You're tasked with busting into Liberty City's high-security prison to assassinate a snitch (we won't go into too much detail because of potential spoilers). You meet up with your gang outside the main entrance where - and this is the best bit - you get to stock up on every weapon and ammo in the game for free. You can grab everything. With a completely tooled up character you feel like a real badass - something that's reinforced when you kick the mission off by blowing the main gate open with a rocket-launcher and strolling in through the rubble. Stern.

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