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Xbox 360 Slim sighted?

Report claims testing of new model recently completed in China

Pictures have emerged apparently showing the innards of new Xbox 360 model.

They appear to show the console's CPU and GPU combined in a single, small chip for the first time, Kotaku reports.

If the images are genuine, the site suggests it would represent a complete redesign of the console.

Their Chinese website of origin goes as far as to claim that testing of the new model was recently completed in the Land of the Rising Sun.

As Sony did when those dubious PS3 Slim pics emerged last year, Microsoft will probably say it knows nothing about these images. But then Sony released PS3 Slim, didn't it.

Plus Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer spoke recently about the potential for more Xbox 360 "form factors".

Legitimate or not - what do you think?

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]