Sega: We must do better on PS3 and 360

Firm pledges to increase quality and sales of hardcore games

Sega has told CVG that it won't allow its classic IP to be used in below-par games again - as it bids to increase its popularity on 360 and PS3.

In our exclusive interview with Sega West boss Mike Hayes, he reveals that the firm is gunning to build its reputation with PS3 and 360 owners this year.

It hasn't had a bad start, with both Aliens Vs Predator and Bayonetta doing damage to the Top Five of the UK chart in the first quarter of 2010.

In the first part of our Q&A, Hayes admits that Madworld was "mismatched" to Wii and that the firm regrets the use of its classic IP in underwhelming titles such as Golden Axe.

In a refreshingly frank interview, Hayes said:

"It's important that on our old IP that is respected, we need to deliver a good product. And in some instances we have done that - look back at when we re-did Sega Rally. It scored well and was moderately successful commercially. But then with other great franchises like Golden Axe we didn't produce a great game at all.

"Going forward, if we're going to look at any existing IP to bring out the locker, we have to make sure we get the quality to a level we now expect. I'm not saying which IP it would be - a Streets Of Rage, a Crazy Taxi, whatever. What we have to do now is build something that is 85 per cent plus [rated]. We can't just get away with PR."

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