Left 4 Dead co-dev reforms

Turtle Rock Studios back from the dead after Valve break up

Left 4 Dead co-developer, Turtle Rock Studios is back from the dead and hiring staff, after having previously been bought and broken up by Valve.

The California-based studio was acquired by Valve in 2008 after the Half-Life dev had been impressed by its work on Left 4 Dead and various Counter-Strike ports.

Months before Left 4 Dead's final release Turtle Rock was renamed simply, 'Valve South' but it didn't last long. Valve asked members of the studio to join its Washington HQ - and several did - before finally closing Valve South completely.

Michael Booth is said to be back heading the new Turtle Rock, though it's not known what projects it has on the pipeline.

Having seen how Left 4 Dead looked before Valve stepped in we can't say we're massively excited for Turtle's future projects just yet, but we'll see.

[ SOURCE: Develop ]