Game Room's 56 Achievements detailed

1,000 Gamerscore to be had in Microsoft's virtual arcade

Game Room, the virtual Xbox 360 arcade, is set to include 56 Achievements worth a whopping 1,000 Gamerscore, it's been revealed.

360 owners who download the PlayStation Home-alike will receive rewards for collecting 'medals' (which we assume you earn by playing arcade games) and for the amount of hours you spend in Game Room.

Game Room launches on Xbox 360 next week, on March 24. 30 games are planned for launch including Centipede, Outlaw and Star Raiders. Like Xbox Live Arcade, a new Game Room game will be released every week, says MS.

Microsoft's opted for a two-tier pricing structure, in which players can choose to pay between 240-400 Microsoft Points to own an arcade game, or if you're really oldschool you can drop in a 40 Microsoft Point 'coin' for a single play.

[ SOURCE: Inside MGC ]