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Valve patches in user-made TF2 content

New weapons and items from game's community patched into FPS yesterday

Valve has released the first user-made content update for Team Fortress 2.

The update, patched in yesterday, includes new weapons and items - all of which were made by the Team Fortress 2 community and submitted through the new contribute site.

"In the past we've shipped features that came from community suggestions. Now we've taken it one step further: we're shipping game content that was directly built by the community," the company explained on its blog.

"This is really exciting for us here at Valve. Starting from our core belief that entertainment products should be services, we've tried to increase the set of ways our community can impact our games, and the ways in which we can reward you for it."

Team Fortress 2 has become known for the continual support Valve has provided, most recently with the new Highlander mode. The FPS will soon be available for Mac users following the announcement of Steam's upcoming compatibly with Apple products.