Alan Titchmarsh vs CVG - watch it here

ITV1 show sees us face off against the anti-games brigade

CVG editor Tim's verbal joust with Alan Titchmarsh has aired on ITV1 - and it's explosive, shout-at-the-TV stuff.

Some of the anti-game arguments would be laughable - if this wasn't national telly.


As well as 'sexpert' Julie Peasgood claiming that games "promote racism" and "cause low self-esteem and depression", Tim also faced down erroneous allegations that games didn't have age ratings from Titchmarsh himself.

Former editor of The Sun Kelvin MacKenzie was a little less hysterical, but still certainly sat closer to the 'anti-games' camp.

Tim countered with strong arguments on gaming's regulation and the fact adult titles "shouldn't be getting into kids' hands in the first place".

As you'd imagine, it's a fiery, frequently aggravating encounter. Watch it on the ITV Player, 23 minutes in - or check out the clip here:

This video is no longer available

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